Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In which Harry Reid balks

Outside The Beltway is reporting that Harry Reid is blinking on filibuster rule changes.


Look people, here's a sports metaphor. If baseball managers were to find a way to use the pitching rules to kill all possibility to steal bases, what do you think would happen? "Oh, sorry fans, but that's just the rules. I guess Ricky Henderson's record is safe forever." Fuck no. They'd add a clause to the balk rule and get the basepaths hot again.

But what's good for baseball is apparently too revolutionary for the World's Greatest Deliberative Body. The GOP has been exploiting an unintended bug in the rules for four years, and making the "baseball game" unplayable. It used to be that there was a gentlemen's agreement to not exploit this bug; that agreement has broken down. Everyone agrees that it's a hackable exploit, and the Democrats have no intention of exploiting it this way when they are not in power. So why then are the leadership of the Senate leaving the exploit unpatched?

When this happens, YOU CHANGE THE FUCKING RULES to restore the game to a playable condition.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is giving Republican colleagues 36 hours to agree to a deal on filibuster reform or he will move forward with the nuclear option.
Now that's more like it.

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