Thursday, January 31, 2013

Binary thinking is abortive

From Slacktivist: What do the purple people want in PRRI’s abortion poll?

Think you can't be both pro-choice and pro-life? You've been listening to the anti-choice crowd for too long. Turns out 43% of Americans self-describe with both labels. Follow the link for a chart and everything.

Now, the survey doesn't have the space to dig down into what all those respondents took each term to mean (whether they adopt either term about themselves or not); like many on the port side of the political spectrum, I greatly resent the expropriation involved in fencing off "pro-life" to refer to the unborn, and I recall plenty of conversations with people who resent this more than I do, who are tilting at that particular windmill trying to take back that dirty word.

So the next time someone tries to set you up the argument that more than half the country is pro-life, feel free to remind them that even if that's true (by whatever definition of "pro-life"), it doesn't change the fact that two-thirds of the country wants abortion to stay legal.

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