Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dear Patty Murray: let's show the GOP how to filibuster the Senate

It's too bad that Senate Democrats only stand up and fight battles they're pretty confident they can win, but it's heartening that they think that defending the right of women to reproductive health care is a winner.

But in an interview this morning, a key member of the Democratic leadership, Senator Patty Murray, said any such effort is dead on arrival in the Senate. “I can tell you this: No matter who introduces it, it is not going anywhere in the Senate,” Murray said. “We are not going to let it come up in the Senate. There is no reason for it. This is settled law. We are not going to be sidetracked by a debate on women’s health yet again.” Anonymous Senate Dem aides had previously said the anti-abortion push is an all-but-certain non-starter, but Murray’s on-the-record declaration makes it official: The measure will not get any floor debate or see the light of committee.
 However, I think this is a bit of a missed opportunity. I say bring every woman (and man too) to Washington who wants to testify to the care they've received, that this bill would do away with. I say form a mile-long parade of women down the Capitol steps, and have the committee (or even the whole Senate body) listen to their testimony.

And in particular, to all those women who got shut out of their right to testify before the Texas legislature: we'll pay your ticket to DC.

Marco Rubio wants to show his ass about abortion? Great, let's have that discussion. Because people are getting mad now, and it's about time someone told the GOP in a way they can't ignore. Don't deep-six this piece of shit bill: filibuster it.

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