Wednesday, July 18, 2012

San Francisco, Day 0

Uneventful flight to foggy San Francisco, unless you count extreme heat causing the insides of those metal sausages we fly around in to attempt to cook us on the tarmac. The flight crew literally requested that we keep our windowshades down until we reached you-can-now-use-your-MP3-player altitude to help keep the interior temperature down.

Also: felt strangely at home on the BART. Possibly because the cars are the same model that populate the DC Metro (actually, the Metro may have gotten some degree of facelift in the past few years, I can't exactly remember). Anyway, you gotta agree that the pay-as-you-exit system is much more equitable than a flat fare.

I'll try to do a little bit of blogging every day that I'm here, to get into some better habits of reflecting and verbalizing. And possibly engaging in political hectoring.

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